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About Us

Vintage Lynndy Loo was opened in June 2008 by me, Lynn Coffill. My love of all things vintage began when I was young. I learned to make things by hand at the age of 11. My friend's mother was a very talented artist, who could turn her hand to most things creative. She bought my friend a stuffed mouse doll kit, which had to be made by hand & then dressed in a period costume also made by hand.

There were about 7 different kits in the series & I was fascinated after making the first one which was in Edwardian costume. My friend's mother taught us how to stitch gussets, set puffed sleeves, all manner of technical sewing required to make these mouse dolls that stood approximately 13 inches high.

   autumnal flock  
 ari lace corset front

 As I hit my teens I stopped sewing, but never lost my love for making things. I entered University at 18 to do a degree in Civil Engineering, but it wasn't for me. Being on cold wet building sites were not something I enjoyed. It's ironic that corsetry construction is actually referred to as building a corset. At 18 I knew I wanted to build something, it just wasn't in concrete as it turns out.

Later in life, I joined my local amateur dramatic society & worked in the wardrobe department. Working with four very talented ladies, it was almost like an apprenticeship, without any of the formal learning - there were no flat pattern cutting lessons, I was taught how to take a generic pattern and tailor it to fit the person needing to wear it. Every new costume was a new learning curve.


It was whilst doing Jeckyll & Hyde that I first became aware of corsetry and it's construction - the director wanted 7 mock victorian corsets made. I volunteered, and I became almost obsessed with how to get the look exactly right. I initially used plastic boning but soon became aware of it's limitations. I progressed to steel boning and authentic corsetry patterns, and from there taught myself how to pattern draft my own bespoke corsetry patterns.

VLL continues to thrive, each new commission bringing it's own set of challenges and excitement. From the most straightforward plain black duchess satin waspie through to the most elaborate complex cosplay piece, there is something for everybody here at Vintage Lynndy Loo.

kirstens first corset