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Vintage Lynndy Loo produces bespoke corsetry only.

Constructed from patterns drafted specifically for your body type, measurements and to your detailed requirements, these corsets are entirely unique.

You can chose from underbust corsets, overbust corsets, or an idea you have come with yourself. Our bespoke corsets are comprised of four layers of fabric, with seams stitched multiple time for reinforcement and to take the strain of tight lacing and prolonged wear.

As each piece is designed specifically to your requirements, you can chose to have as much or as little embellishment as you wish.

There are a huge range of fabrics available and if none of these are suitable, we will source something appropriate to your design. We are happy to work to a detailed plan from the client, or take basic parameters and design something based upon these.

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Prices for bespoke corsetry start from:

Bespoke underbust corsetry  £300

Bespoke overbust corsetry    £350

Please contact us for further information. We can either do a remote fitting for you via the post, whereby we send you a toile of your corset, to fit in the comfort of your own home. Alternatively, you can be fitted in the VLL workroom at no extra cost. Contact us to book an appointment for a fitting.

We have an ever growing list of waist training clients, including both ladies and gentlemen.

Our waist training corsets are bespoke as they need to fit perfectly to achieve your needs, require extremely heavy boning and are often made of multiple layers of coutil.

Whether you are new to waist training or are already underway, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

An underbust waist training corset is the standard type of corset used, and costs £350. This is for a standard waist training corset, not a stem waist training corset. Please contact us for a price if you wish to stem waist train.


This is for a very plain design only, with a front busk fastening and rear two part eyelets & laces.The price includes remote fitting to ensure the perfect fit which is something you will need to be able to remain corseted for long periods of time.


If you wish to have something different such as some detailing, flossing, a different outer fabric than what we offer in the above price, then further charges are applicable. We can do a waist training corset in an overbust style, or even an all in one body suit. Prices are upon request for these designs.

We are happy to cater for the gentleman client. We do not advise that a man wishing to corset, wear one made for a female body, as the proportions, fit and cut are entirely unsuitable.


If you are a cross dresser or transsexual looking to achieve a more feminine figure, we can cater for your needs by drafting a pattern to take into account the larger male ribcage, lower waist and narrower pelvis.

For the gentleman looking to corset generally, or to waist train, we can accommodate those needs also. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

 We also take on detail accurate cosplay corsets. So if you're in need of a corset for your cosplay character, get in touch. We have built up good experience of producing corsets for cosplay clients, as well as for film and theatre. Working in leather is not a problem, and we can offer unusual front fastenings as well as the standard busk opening.

Why not find our fan page on facebook, where all the latest sneak peeks appear?